Welcome to Your Lemonade Life

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Individualized, One-on-One coaching sessions to guide and support you as you come to terms with being childless not by choice (cnbc) and begin to reimagine your future

Ruth D Berkowitz, MA

Well-Being Coach


Let’s Make Lemonade !

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Together, we build your recipe, your protective and restorative elixir. Possible ingredients include meditation, movement, writing, and nature, as well as more conventional Mental Well-Being approaches. Most importantly, I will give you a place to share what is too difficult to express to friends and family. I get it when it seems that no one else does!

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Juicing the Lemons:

Be Curious–

How do I move forward in my life with my unfulfilled maternal/paternal instincts?

How do I cope with cnbc triggers?

How do I cope with cnbc anger and grief?

How can I experience less frustration, reactivity, and stress?

Adding the Sugar:

Be Loving–

How can I relate to myself with kindness and compassion?

What are the silver linings?

How do I cultivate acceptance and self-love?

How do I embrace and enjoy my life just as I am, just as it is right now?

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“I have sought professional guidance in navigating the rocky waters of life throughout the years. It has been challenging, however, to find the right fit for help in one of the most heart-breaking and soul crushing experiences of my life…being a childless not by choice woman. I am grateful that Ruth Berkowitz has an innate ability to see and hear me with understanding and respect. She exposed me to different perspectives and gave me tools to soothe and regulate myself. Her generosity of spirit, compassion, and guidance has been deeply reassuring and healing.”  -Elana E.

“Ruth has been a great motivator and support resource for pursuing a better quality of life.  The guided meditation and mindfulness sessions have helped me relax, focus, and obtain a higher level of consciousness and awareness leading me to a more optimistic life view as well as overall happiness.  When I first started the sessions, I was not sure what to expect, but it has been very helpful and a great start to self-fulfillment.  I highly recommend Ruth for anyone looking for a better, more positive lifestyle.”  -Andy P.