About Me

I am Childless Not By Choice (CNBC) by circumstance.  I seek opportunities for healing and growth by honoring the loss with self-compassion and acceptance. I am called to empower other CNBC women to reframe their life stories and fulfill their nurturing, generative spirits in unexpected ways.

My approach is holistic. I believe to truly transform overwhelming suffering into ease and vitality, healing on all levels of consciousness is necessary- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Within the chemistry of a good coaching partnership, meditation and mindful movement bring steady, focused attention to what comes forward to be healed. However possible, I include the inspiration and support of the Natural World.

I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Spiritual Psychology. I have facilitated groups and counseled individuals coping with many of life’s challenges.

I feel most at home and alive through music, dance, writing, walks in nature with my Cocker Spaniel, Chloe, and time with friends and family of all ages. I recharge by relaxing with well-crafted stories that reflect what it is to be human, be it film, television, book, podcast, or comedy.

Conservancy Sunset Late Summer

Ruth was featured on the Childless Not By Choice Podcast, hosted by Civilla Morgan. Civilla’s mission is to recognize and speak to childless not by choice women and men around the world, spreading the news that you can live a joyful, relevant, and fulfilled life, even if you did not have the children you so wanted.

Civilla Pod